Using Data to Figure Out Why Game of Thrones 8.3 Was So Bad | by Adam Brownell | Feb, 2021


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  1. Using uncooked display screen time as a metric overvalues deaths that happen past due within the display. Even in case you are a middling personality, should you live to tell the tale till the top your loss of life will also be as important as Robb Stark on the Red Wedding
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  1. The Will Dilemma

To perceive The Will Dilemma, check out the Dead List, looked after by DeathValue:

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Will. Source:
Game of Thrones Popularity Chart. Image by creator
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Tlisted here are a number of ideas to deal with that we merely may no longer account for the usage of our Death Value:

Hodor. Source:
Littlefinger. Source:
Ygritte. Source:
Varys. Source:


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