So I’ve a herby conundrum I want some assist with…

Ahead of a few batch cooking, I reupped my provide of oregano. Only to search out upon opening the pack that it smelled minty as oppose to the highly spiced, lemony odor of each and every different pack I’ve purchased.

My google-fu has grew to become up a singular website that talks about Italian vs Greek oregano, the place the previous has a minty flavour extra fitted to puddings and tea than the savoury dish I’d was hoping to make. Interestingly it mentions that rising the herb in an arid local weather will result in a extra peppermint flavour; seeing as my bundle is labelled as coming from Iran, then this kinda is smart.

What’s perturbing me is the loss of corroborating information in this entire mintiness lark. Everywhere else turns out to discuss Italian oregano as merely being a milder flavour. Until googling round, the mint flavour used to be so robust I used to be actually satisfied that the producer had mislabelled a batch of mint!

Anyone have any perception into this?


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