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WELCOME! We’re just about as much as part one million subscribers! With such a lot of other people delving into cooking presently, /r/AskCulinary has observed a considerable building up in readership and subscribers. Our readership contains chefs of all ability ranges, from professional cooks to general learners, and it is glorious to look everybody coming in combination to assist each and every different out.

Since our nook of Reddit is rising, the mod staff idea it was once a great time to remind everybody what our sub is all about in addition to to post a refresher on our laws. This sub occupies a distinct segment area on Reddit, the place skilled chefs assist clear up particular issues of recipes, components, and gear, and supply different troubleshooting answers to the customers. We differentiate ourselves from subs like /r/Cooking and /r/food, which might be extra wide-ranging dialogue and sharing subs, in that we’re essentially devoted to solutions particular questions on particular issues. Questions with many doable solutions belong in /r/Cooking or a forte sub (of which there are lots of) — e.g. “What must I prepare dinner this night?” or, “What must I do with this rutabaga?”, or “What’s the most productive knife?” Questions with a unmarried proper solution belong right here — e.g., “What makes my eggs flip rubbery within the oven?” or, “Is the vegetable on this image a rutabaga?”

In the previous we have now had Rules Posts, and it is about time for a brand new one. But this can be a neighborhood, and we mods don’t seem to be right here to go edicts from on top; we are right here to take a look at to make the neighborhood a hit.

Please tell us the way you suppose we will make r/askculinary higher.

For ease of reference, this is the place we’re with the foundations. We’d like your enter no longer simply at the laws however on how vigorously they must be enforced.


We’re highest at:

Troubleshooting dishes/menus

Equipment troubleshooting questions (no longer logo requests)

Technique questions

Food science

Please Keep Questions:

Specific (Have a purpose in thoughts!)

Detailed (Include the recipe, footage, and so forth.)

On subject

This will be sure you get the most productive solutions.

Here’s the way to assist us will let you:

PROVIDE AS MUCH INFO AS YOU CAN. We cannot will let you if you do not let us know what you’ve got already carried out first. Please give you the recipe you might be running from and let us know what went unsuitable with it or what you would love to reinforce about it. “I’ve attempted the whole thing” is not particular sufficient. If you might be following a video recipe, believe striking a timestamp on the related portion of the video or writing out the recipe in textual content shape.

NO SPECIFIC QUESTIONS OF FOOD SAFETY. We cannot inform you the rest in regards to the particular packet of rooster or pot of soup you not noted in a single day. General questions on excellent meals protection practices are allowed, however for particular scenarios we suggest you seek the advice of executive meals protection pointers to your space and when unsure, throw it out.

NO RECIPE REQUESTS. If you may have a recipe you would like assist adjusting or troubleshooting, we would love that can assist you! But r/AskCulinary isn’t within the industry of offering recipes. There are lots of different subreddits that allow you to with that.

NO BRAINSTORMING. We do make exceptions for mass amounts (actual previous examples: wheelbarrow stuffed with walnuts; just about 400 oz of canned tuna; 50 lbs of complete rooster), however “What do I do with my closing 3 limes?” or “What must I serve with this red meat loin?” must cross to r/Cooking. We additionally make exceptions for uncommon or odd components that r/Cooking may no longer have the experience to deal with.

NO BRAND RECOMMENDATIONS or “What piece of apparatus must I am getting?” posts. It’s very uncommon that one particular person has sufficient enjoy with a couple of manufacturers or fashions of a selected merchandise to offer an goal reaction. We counsel you seek the advice of resources like Consumer Reports, the wirecutter, Serious Eats, or the like.

NO GENERAL DISCUSSION. /r/AskCulinary is modeled after /r/AskScience and /r/AskHistorians, no longer /r/AskReddit. Community discussions are reserved for our weekly stickied posts. If you may have a dialogue query that you just suppose other people would in finding fascinating or attractive, please ship a modmail so we will upload it to our checklist of debate questions.

NO SURVEYS. If you suppose your survey could be a excellent are compatible for this neighborhood, please ship a modmail first so the staff can decide if our subreddit or a distinct one can be extra suitable.

NO SELF-PROMOTION OR CONTENT LINKS. We’re a spot to assist chefs recuperate, to not proportion your content material or different promotional-type posts (although they are no longer your personal content material).


BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. Politeness isn’t not obligatory at /r/AskCulinary. We’re all right here to assist each and every different be informed new issues and prevail within the kitchen.

TOP LEVEL COMMENTS MUST ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THE QUESTION. Saying “oh whats up, I at all times questioned that too!” or “take a look at it and tell us!” does not assist OP. Comments asking for more info and feedback made in excellent religion that do not at once cope with OP’s actual query however supply an alternative resolution are OK.

NO LINKS WITHOUT EXPLANATION. The explanation why other people come to /r/AskCulinary is since the individuals who solution questions listed here are actual other people with actual kitchen recommendation. If you discover a excellent supply that solutions OP’s query, please supply it! But additionally supply a minimum of a bit of bit of additional knowledge so OP is aware of what they are clicking on and what to anticipate.

NO JOKES. We’re right here to assist OP. If OP comes again to their post and reveals a dick comic story about sausages as a substitute of a useful solution, they’ll be disillusioned. Remember that our major purpose is to be useful.

STAY ON SUBJECT. Posts right here provide inquiries to be spoke back, no longer activates for a normal topics of debate. If a post does spark a query for you, please ask it in a separate post (in r/Cooking or a forte sub if it does not are compatible the necessities above).

FAQs: See our Ingredient, Equipment, and Food Life FAQs to search out solutions on commonplace subjects like taking care of cast-iron and whether or not you must cross to culinary faculty or no longer.

Please use the document button to let moderators learn about posts or feedback that violate one of the vital above laws! We spend a large number of time right here however we will’t catch the whole thing on our personal. We rely on you guys to assist us stay bots, opposed weirdos, and ordinary rule-breakers away.


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