Whats your favorite mission from a game that nobody ever talks about? : Games


We all find out about All Ghillied Up from COD4, and Kick The Hornets Nest from Far Cry 3, they are introduced up in each “favorite mission” dialogue. I need to listen about some nice missions that have long past unrecognized during the years for the reason that game is not tremendous well-liked.

My selection would must be the primary “automotive chase” mission from Wet (2009). In the mission, you might be leaping from automotive to automotive at the freeway whilst taking pictures goons that are leaning out of automobiles taking pictures at you. Sounds like one thing you may have almost definitely executed in a game sooner than proper? Well, this game makes all the collection extraordinarily intense and cinematic, with a catchy rock track enjoying the entire time, and issues continuously exploding and tumbling down the freeway.

Its a very scripted collection, and its filled with quicktime occasions, however goddamn if it isnt a laugh to observe the entire thing move down.


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