Why Criticism of Kaggle Often Misses the Point | by Dan Hargreaves | Jan, 2021


1. Kaggle Doesn’t Represent the Full Life Cycle of a Data Science Project

Again, there may be some reality to this argument. Kaggle competitions doesn’t truly have anything else to do with a number of facets of a knowledge science mission.

Doing a Kaggle festival may not train you learn how to analyse a industry to peer the place a fashion may just build up earnings, it received’t provide you with apply on learn how to handle stakeholders or learn how to establish and accumulate the suitable information. It additionally received’t allow you to increase the easiest practices for deploying fashions in manufacturing. All necessary and on occasion undervalued portions of a mission.

However, this isn’t truly the level of Kaggle and maximum Kagglers, I don’t assume, would argue that doing smartly on the platform way you unexpectedly have all the talents neccessary to hide each and every side of running in industry or analysis.

What Kaggle does supply is the probability to resolve actual gadget studying issues that require detailed running via exploratory information research, function engineering, fashion coaching and choice, ensembling and parameter tuning.

It will provide you with publicity to issues throughout a variety of domain names, from vintage issues involving tabular information from finance, promoting and retail to discovering leading edge answers to issues involving textual content, symbol and audio information. In addition the group could be very clear with code and research being often shared right through competitions giving alternatives to be informed from the paintings of global magnificence information scientists.

Could running in a knowledge science activity or on non-public tasks provide you with this similar degree of publicity?

Kaggle competitions additionally make stronger the significance of a forged pass validation technique. Anyone who has been burned by a leaderboard shake up will without end perceive the significance of by no means taking this step calmly.

I’d additionally argue that discovering and calling out leaks and hacks frequently calls for a intensity of technical working out and research that is going past the moderate information scientist. How treasured to a industry is any individual who has the consideration to element and knowledge exploration talents so that you could uncover flaws in information that almost all omit?


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