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Hi all!

I latterly purchased a large pack of biological chicken breasts from Costco, as they had been a perfect worth. I normally purchase my biological chicken breasts from Target, but sought after to shop for a bigger pack as to economize. Anyway, as I used to be prepping them for dinner, I spotted a work with a actually bizarre, stringy texture. I virtually threw them out as this piece appeared so bizarre, on the other hand I smelled all the chicken and so they smelled superb (and don’t seem to be expired).

I did a handy guide a rough Google seek and, certain sufficient, it sounds as if there may be this factor referred to as “Woody Breast Syndrome,” the place chicken breasts can broaden this bizarre texture. This is because of fashionable business farming ways and fast-growing birds. However, I believed this handiest carried out to non-organic chicken? Surely biological chickens do not obtain expansion hormones, and many others. that may motive that?

I do know this query has most definitely been requested ahead of, but if somebody has revel in with this I would really like your recommendation! Have you ever come throughout stringy chicken breasts? If so, do you employ them or throw them out? Does WBS practice to biological chickens as neatly? Furthermore, very best position to supply biological chicken meat?

Thank you!

tl;dr Bought some Costco biological chicken breasts that experience an excessively unappetizing, string-like texture. I believed biological intended just right high quality. Should I take advantage of the beef? Better puts to supply chicken breast?


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